Monday, 1 August 2016

I'm not here anymore!

If you're looking for me, I have migrated over to a new home.

Catch up on all my Blaugust fun there!

This blog was fun but now I have my own domain and hosting.

Have Fun and Stay Sexy!

Monday, 31 August 2015

One Last Post Before I Go

So we had fun, didn't we? I surely did. Though I didn't manage one post a day, I did however manage 31 posts in 31 days. So In my own way I can say that I did it.

I wrote things from the top of my head and I talked about ponies. There were planned posts and I talked about ponies! There was the quiz, that massive Eurovision post and I even talked about ponies!

But I don't actually feel like stopping to be honest. I might just continue doing this. It most definitely will not be one a day. But I may make it one a week. Who knows what day. It may not even happen at all.

You know how I was talking about cookie clicker where one of my achievements was to get 400 cursor upgrades. Well tonight it happened! So two things are completing for me tonight!

Argh! Only 15 minutes left in the Blaugust! Not much time to go now! I better actually post.

 But before I leave you I have one more Pony thing left to leave you with. And that is the Japanese Localisation! My Little Pony Tomodachi wa Mahou is what resulted. Most countries, when they dub a show would just put a new audio track and leave it at that. Not Japan! They made new opening and credits sequences and even made a new theme songs for them. They even have a live segment at the end of each episode for reasons I can not explain.

They have only done two seasons so far. Someone has actually gone and subbed it for the all of us!

Here are all the songs they made for it!

Well now it is time to go.

So Until Next Blaugust,

Have Fun And Stay Sexy!

Sunday, 30 August 2015

Fanfiction Dramatic Reading (NSFW)

This is something I've been meaning to do all month! Even before I started Blaugust this year. When I got sick my voice was not up to scratch but now that I'm better it's something I can actually do.


I decided to find a piece of fanfiction and tell it to you. Much like an audio book. I decided that I'd do one take and only one take to get it done. There are mistakes, but I don't really care. It was fun!

Ever heard of the Harry Potter fanfiction of Hogwarts Castle and the Giant Squid? Well, now you can hear it!

Here is a direct link if you do not see an audio player.

So I have finally been able to be really horrible and unleash this on you all! There are probably more perplexing fanfictions out there but I don't exactly go out looking for these things. There's that horrifying My Little Pony gore fanfic that people know about but I'll let you look that up only if you wish.

I'm almost done and there is only one day left. Therefore there is only one post left. Tune in tomorrow when I sign off for another year.

So Until Tomorrow,

Have Fun and Stay Sexy!

Saturday, 29 August 2015

Writing blog posts on my phone sucks.

So I will be attempting to write this on a horrible phone. Did I mention that my phone is terrible? I'm at a birthday party so we'll see how bad this post goes. Though I have my car here so alcohol is not that much of an option tonight. Why must commitments take up my life?

I currently have absolutely no idea how I'm going to get this out of this note taking app and into my blog. I'll get to that problem when it comes.

It turns out that writing a blog post on a phone is pretty antisocial. So I'll end it and make a nice big post tomorrow.

So Until Tomorrow,

Have Fun and Stay Sexy!